Yogasana To Reduce Stomach Fat

The whole world considers the power of yoga and yoga is the solution to the biggest illusionary disease. The work and effect that can’t be done by external medicines can be done by yoga.

How to reduce stomach fat by using yoga:

There are several types of yoga to reduce stomach fat.


Kapalabhati is the most accurate yoga to reduce the stomach fat. People who are trying to reduce their fat should start with Kapalbhati. You have to be empty stomach to do Kapalabhati. Do this from 20 to 25 minutes in the morning and evening.

Method: Before doing this yoga, you should sit straight in a quiet and open airy place and leave your breath outside. The stomach into the inside while throwing the breath out. Keep in mind that there is no breathing because, in that verb, the breath automatically goes in.

Benefits: Within one month, your belly fat will be reduced. By doing this, your skin gets rid of wrinkles, dark circles, acidity, constipation, and digestive problems. It is also beneficial in enhancing memory and giving mental peace.

It should always be done after getting free from all actions in the morning. Women should not do during pregnancy and do not eat for at least 6 hours before embarking in the evening.

Setu Bandhasana

It is clear from the name Setu Bandh that in this posture you have to make your body like a band on a river.

Method: Lie down on the back of your back and keep your palms on the ground. After this, take your waist upwards. Turn your knees into this seat but keep your feet and hands from the ground.

Stay in this posture for about one minute and then come back in normal posture.

Benefits: Reduce stomach fat, makes your waist flexible, gives power to your spinal cord & muscle strain does not come. People having high blood pressure problems should not try it.



In the Bhujangasana appears to be a snake-like, hence the name of this asana is Bhujangasana.

Method: For this, lie down on your chest and put your hands on the ground and gradually take the front part of the body from the waist to the sky and remain like it for some time then come back in normal posture.

Benefits: This asana brings stability and flexibility in the area around your waist and abdomen which causes the fat in your stomach melts. Pregnant women and those who have any kind of injuries in their waist should not try this.




Method: Take both of your hands upwards, leaving the respiratory breath and kneeling towards the front and try to touch your hands on the ground. Meanwhile, you should keep your breath off and kept it in this condition for a minute. Do this at least 5 times and break 15 seconds but if you are not able to touch the ground then you can do it on your feet.

Benefits: By doing this asana, there is more pressure on the stomach so that the stomach fat starts melting rapidly. By doing this, you develop physical growth, get mental peace and become stress-free.


Above all asana helps to reduce stomach fat and also help to be fit and fine.

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