Triphala (त्रिफला) – Reduce physical weakness; know its other amazing advantages

People usually consume Triphala to remove constipation. But there are many other miraculous advantages of triphala intake. To get rid of any stomach problem, consuming Triphala powder is very beneficial. Many times Triphala’s excessive consumption can also damage your health.

Let’s know many benefits to health by eating Triphala.


Physical weakness

To remove physical weakness, it is a panacea for consuming Triphala. Its consumption not only removes body fatigue, but also improves strength. To remove body fatigue, consume Triphala mixed with herbs, raisins, amla, ghee and sugar in sugar.
Disease resistance

Triphala powder is highly beneficial in enhancing the immunity of the human body. By consuming Triphala powder, the body gets rejuvenated. Regularly eat Triphala every day.


High blood pressure

Triphala is extremely beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. If you are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, take three to four grams Triphala powder with the milk every night at bedtime.

Relief immediately.

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