Three Tips -To get beauty and glow on face

Everybody wants his skin to be clean and cured away from allergies. However, the biggest challenge for girls is to keep the skin healthy. For which they wander around a dermatologist, Recommendation of therapeutic treatment for the skin is a waste of time and money. To stop this, we are going to tell you the easy tips that you can easily get rid of skin disorders, and at the same time you will also be able to get glory skin.


Oatmeal pack

One of the easiest and economical treatments is the use of oatmeal packs. For this purpose you have to take two spoon oats and a teaspoon sandalwood powder. Now mix the rose water according to the need and mix it well. Now your Coating is ready, keep in mind that leave the coating for at least 15 minutes before applying. Now put this mixture on face and wash it after half an hour.

Papaya face pack

Papaya used to increase body energy proves to be very effective for your skin. To use it, you must remove the seed of papaya and mash the remaining part. After mashing, mix it with half a teaspoon sandalwood powder, half teaspoon aloe Vera and some dried rose water.

Leave this mixture open for at least 10 minutes. After this, put it on your face like a mask.

Tomato and sugar face pack

Tomato is Beneficial for health, also provides great benefits to your health and skin. If you want, eat it or make a paste, it is beneficial for you in every condition. To make a face pack, first take a small tomato and mash it well and then add sugar.

Leave it for 3 minutes after mixture is ready. And Now apply this on the face. When this coating dries up, clean it with cold water. This will glow your skin.

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