In the morning walk do pranayama, 10 diseases will be reduce

Touring means walking. Therefore excursion is done while practising Pranayama. Excursion Pranayama is a type of breathing technique. This is the simplest form of pranayama. In this, the person takes his breath in a special way, and then leaves it outwards. To keep your health healthy, this is nothing better than pranayama. There are many benefits to doing pranayama. Today we are telling you about pranayama.

Steps of doing Pranayama 

  • To do this, you have to walk regularly. Whenever you walk, keep your body straight at that time and breathe slowly. When you take a breath, count your numbers from 1 to 4. Until you take count, you have to take full breath and then breathe out. It is not necessary that you count the numbers while breathing or leaving.
  • Instead of counting the number in the mind, you can do good thoughts or even meditate on God. In addition, you have to spend more time breathing in this pranayama than breathing. When you take this action while you are breathing, keep it in the breath from 4 to 5 steps and then leave it. You have to increase your ability to slow down gradually by 10 to 15 times.
  • In the beginning, when doing this posture, an attempt is made to stroll for half an hour, in which in which breathing is taken, leaving the exercise is done at the beginning and 2 minutes of the end and 2 minutes between the two. After doing the same exercise, make it 4 minutes.

Benefits of Pranayama

  • Regular practice of morning exercise, pranayama, reduces physical weakness and strengthens lungs.
  • People who practice they have a strong heart as well as less chance of heart attack.
  • By doing this, the problem of hair fall etc. is overcome. To solve the problem of hair, it must be done.
  • Its regular practice is to protect against various types of diseases such as TB, typhoid etc.



Note- Before doing this pranayama, check that you do not have any problem, if there is any problem then consult the doctor once.

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