How To Do Sarvangasana And It Benefits

In the process of Sarvangasana, all the organs of our body come together in the form of yoga. “Sarva” means  whole or everything. Sarvangasana keeps your body strong and keeps you stress-less.

When to do Sarvangasana :

All yoga is considered to be the most beneficial in the morning at sunrise, before you do it you neither eat nor drink. It can be done even in the evening. But keep in mind that by doing this asana, do not eat anything before 4 to 5 hours.

Method of Sarvangasana:

To do this first spread a cloth on the ground, make sure never do this asana on plain surface. After this lie down on the back and close your feet together and Keep the hands straight on the ground. After this take a long breath and slowly take both your legs upwards to 90 degrees. While moving the feet upwards, turn your hands on your waist to support your body.

Keep in mind that while doing this yogasana all your weight is on your shoulders and your chest and chin touch each other.

You have to stay in this position for 30 seconds, after this gradually come back to normal and also releasing the breath slowly.

Take a break of 30 seconds and repeat this posture again. Do it at least 5 times

Benefits of doing Sarvangasana:

For Thyroid Patients: Thyroid is becoming the biggest problem of today’s time. One out of five women is suffering from thyroid. Sarvangasana increases pressure on thy thyroid gland, from which the gland starts functioning properly.

For eyes and mind:  Sarvangasana is also very beneficial in enhancing eyesight; by doing this asana the blood circulation directly reaches the eyes and mind. It helps to reduce the problem of eye disorders and headache and at the same time, your mental development is faster and you can get rid of depression.

For Skin: This asana will enhance your skin color. It’s a kind of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formula. To do this your face will never have any nail or wrinkle. It also removes the traces of your aging age.

For Asthma Patients: Sarvangasana is the best asana for asthma patients. It helps to reduce the swelling in windpipe and the flow of air begins to function properly. This asana makes our lungs healthy, which does not cause asthma attacks.

Precautions during the Sarvangasana:

In Sarvangasana The highest pressure in totality is on our shoulders and neck, before starting it, do it only in the supervision of an expert. Person’s who is suffering from waist pain, throat pain or reed bones should not do it.

Pregnant women should not even do this yogasana.

Those who are suffering from heart disease should not do without consulting the doctor.

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