Do everyday 2 Yogasana to turn White hair to black

Whether it be a woman or a man, everybody wants her hair to be black, dense and beautiful because hair is a big contributor to the beauty of the face. But nowadays due to poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, stress, lack of exercise, pollution and some bad habits, your health is affecting your face as well as hair. This has led to the problem of hair becoming very common. Today, almost everyone is troubled by hair loss and whiteness.

Yes, white hair was considered to be a sign of age, but in today’s time the person of every age is troubled with white hair. Even young people have been troubled by this problem. Because of which, at an early age, people take from market to chemical hair color to darken their hair. By which the hair becomes black for some time, but in some days hair again becomes as white or as white as possible. And in the hair of the chemical-rich color, the side effects are seen, it is different.

If you are also troubled with white hair, you do not have to worry anymore because today we have brought you an unhealthy recipe for which you can darken your white hair in a few days. Maybe you might not have faith but this is true. You do not even need to work hard for this. You can black your white hair with the help of just two Yogasana.

So what’s the matter of late, let discuss about the two yogasana -:




Shirshasan, as the name suggests, is standing on the head. Yes, in this posture, a person has to have a head hair. Although you may have been feeling a little tricky but this is not so difficult. By doing this posture on a daily basis, you start doing it easily in a few days.


  • To do this easy, first lay the bed sheet on the flat ground.
  • Then you sit in vajrasana. But keep in mind that you have sufficient space in room to bend forward.
  • After sitting in Vajrasana, put your both elbow on the ground and mix the fingers of both hands together.
  • Now move your palms upwards so that you can support your head with palms.
  • Gradually keep your head on the palms and bend your head bending forward and make the breath normal.
  • Now gradually let the body load your head.
  • Now you have to lift your feet towards the ceiling, just as you are standing on the feet of your feet. That is, you have to stand on your head.
  • Stay there for some time then come back to normal position.

लेकिन ध्‍यान रहें कि शुरू में किसी जानकार की निगरानी में इस आसान को करें और सिर के बल खड़े होने के लिए शुरुआत में दीवार का सहारा लें।


  • By doing this yoga, the hair gets nourished so that white hair starts to be black and hair loss is also reduced.
  • Blood circulation increases in the brain, causing memory to be sharp.
  • The problems like constipation, hernia get rid of and keep the digestive system correct.
  • By doing this yoga, your body is strong.



It is evident from the name itself that all + organ + asana means that it helps you keep all parts of the body right. But it is very helpful in removing your hair problems, especially hair whiteness. This handy is also called Shoulder Stand Pose. By doing Sarvangasana, blood circulation occurs in all the organs of the body. Yes, going from foot to head to blood, new energy is found in every part of the body.


  • To do this posture, first cover the gap in a clean place.
  • Then lie down on the waist and mix the heels and claws and fold the claw forward.
  • Now keep both hands on the floor and leave the body loose.
  • Slowly move the feet upside without bending legs.
  • Take the waist along the feet upwards.
  • Now try to lift the legs and back to the angle of 90
  • While making this easy the mouth should be fixed on the upper side and the elbow lower side
  • But keep in mind that when handling the back with hand while doing this yoga, fingers of the hands should be in front of each other and the direction of the thumb is towards the stomach.

Now come back to the first position.



  • Along with black hair, and reduce all hair problems.
  • Help in losing weight.
  • Activates heart’s muscles that reach the pure blood heart.
  • Hands and shoulders are strong and flexibility comes in the back.
  • This posture makes thyroid gland active.
  • Removes digestive and constipation problems.
  • Removes body weakness and fatigue.
  • It is helpful to increase the eyesight.
  • Along with the face brings a lot of glow on the face.



It is easy to protect you from various types of diseases other than the whiteness of hair but it is easy to do as per body capacity. And those who have pain in the waist or neck or dizziness and heart disease should avoid doing this easy.

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