5 Essential Oils – Glow on face as well as Remove wrinkles

Every woman has a desire to get beautiful and glowing skin. But nowadays, not only women but men also want their skin to be clean and shiny. It is a bit difficult to get the fulfilment of this wish in the winter season. Because cold winds and dryness present in the environment take away the glow from your face. To maintain your face moisture and beauty, you have tried many types of home remedies. But the result is not always consistent with our wishes. But, besides the home remedies, have you heard about Essential Oils? Natural’s product should always be used to keep your skin young. It does not cause any damage to the skin, and the facial glow of the face remains intact. In winter, the skin appears to be extremely rigid and lifeless. In this case, help him with facial oils to keep him shiny.

Before using it, take 2-3 drops of essential oil and apply it directly to the whole face. Not only will the skin look beautiful and bright, but make-up will also last for a long time. The effect of massage from the cream is seen on the face or body for only a few days, while the strength of Essential Oil stays for a long time. These oils activate the body’s nervous system.

How to use Essential Oil

If you want, you can apply Essential Oils with cream or mask. Experts say that the essential oil should be mixed with cream or mask for better results. Let’s know with what cream they can use –

  • Foundation: You can use Essential Oil in combination with Foundation or BB Cream. This will not only bring you a flawless look but also a glow on your face.
  • Moisturising cream: You can use it with moisturising cream, lotion and night cream. In addition to protecting against wrinkles and dullness, they also work to overcome the problem of hyper-pigmentation.
  • Facial cream or mask: If you apply facial or mask at home then add some drops of Essential Oils in it. This increases the benefits of face masks up to several times.


What are the Benefits of Essential Oil?

  • Instead of applying essential oil directly to the face, we mix it with some cream or other oil.
  • You can also use these essential oils by mixing them in night cream or moisturising cream or lotions.
  • Such oils are made in natural way, so they are completely safe for the skin.
  • The natural oils used in them activate anti-bacterial elements in the body.
  • This makes the skin look shiny and it also reduces skin scars and wrinkles.
  • After massage with these oils, the skin gets smooth. For caring the skin, it can use moisturising lotions, cleansing cream and milk.
  • The chemicals used in beauty products can have some side effects, but naturally made acetic acid does not damage the skin.


5 Essential Oils

Avocado Carrier Oil:  Select the avocado carrier oil if you have to keep skin clean and keep it wrinkle free or deep cleansing, select avocado carrier oil only.

Rosehip Carrier Oil: RoseHip Career Oil contains vitamins E, C, D and many such antioxidants that work to make the skin radical free and glowing face. It contains anti-aging elements. Using this, the fine lines around the eyes are removed. If your skin is oily then it must be applied.

Jojoba Carrier oil: Its instant cleaning properties clean the skin from the inside, as well as removing excess oil from the face and providing natural light. This makeup also works primarily as a primer.

Castor Carrier Oil: Its use is quite popular in keeping skin moist and soft. Castor carrier oil also removes dark circles and scars.

Coconut Carrier Oil: It not only makes the skin beautiful, but also keeps hair healthy. Using essential oil of coconut oil, the skin also provides the necessary nutrients. Its use in winter is more beneficial.

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